EU Citizenship Services

Elizabeth Rennie can help you to claim your EU Citizenship. This will entitle you to your EU Passport and all the benefits you can enjoy by being an EU National. Please select the country relevant to you for more information.

Pre-Citizenship Application Services

EU Citizens in the UK

We help you to apply for your Settled Status in the UK


Identity Confirmation

In some instances we draft legal documents to give validation to someones identity, eg Affidavit of Identity, Statement of Fact, Statutory Declaration of Change of Name, Affidavit or other legal papers. This is likely when there are discrepancies in the names or dates of birth or there is a lack of governmental evidences to support the applicant’s identity.


Scenario 1: Minor whose parents married after the birth (parents living or deceased)
Scenario 2: Adult whose parents never married but are living.
Scenario 3: Minor whose parents never subsequently married but are living

In some scenarios, we ask the living brother of the Father to make a Statement of his brother's “active role in his child's/children's lives.


We will offer apostille services for All UK documents, such as:

  • Powers of Attorney
  • Educational Certificates for Employment in Europe
  • Identity documents
  • Corporate and Personal

What is an apostille?

An Apostille is a French word meaning certification. This is a legal certification made by one country to the other. It allows for a document to be given validity in another country (provided that both countries are signatories to the 1961 Hague Convention).

All UK documents need to be apostilled post Brexit.

Birth, Marriage and Death Registrations

Scenario 1: Amending the Birth Cert to include a father (parents living)
Scenario 2: Amending the Birth Cert to include a father (mother living, father deceased)
Scenario 3: Amending the Birth Cert to alter a mistake on the Register.
Scenario 4: Application for registration of Overseas Foreign Birth
Scenario 5: Application for registration of Overseas Marriage
Scenario 6: Application for registration of Overseas Death
Scenario 7: Establishing Legal Guardianship / Step Parentage

Family Tree Services

Elizabeth Rennie has been a genealogists for over 18 years. She provides two services:

  • Explanatory family tree
  • Factual Family Tree with records for use in Citizenship applications

Some countries allow for descent (from parents only) or from double-descent (grand-parents). Some allow for time set or based on International Territory recognition.