Benefits of EU Citizenship

We help you to realise the Benefits of EU Citizenship. We work across all EU countries and to help you receive all the rights enjoyed by all EU Nationals.

  • Freedom of Movement

    The right to live, work, study and retire in any EU country. Not subject to the 90 criteria of Non-EU nationals.

  • Visa Free Travel

    Holders of an EU passport can travel up to 190 destinations without a visa, according to the latest Henley Passport Index where EU passports are ranked towards the top of the Official Passport Index.

  • Relocation Benefits

    Relocate to any other EU Member state with your “dependant” family and obtain Host Rights / residence permits.

  • Education Benefits

    Many exemplary education establishment and often university is free or subsidized.

  • Healthcare Benefits

    Rights to healthcare in other EU member states.

  • Purchasing Property

    It is far simpler to purchase property.

  • Start a Business

    It is easier to start a usiness in an EU member state.

  • Open a Bank Account

    It is easier to open a bank account in an EU member state.