EU Citizenship

Specialist solicitors working with you to claim your European Citizenship, Passport and ID Card

Rennie & Buxton Legal Services LLP

Rennie & Buxton Legal Services LLP specialises in helping you to regain or reclaim your EU citizenship. This can be done via descent, marriage, naturalisation or investment.

We have helped hundreds of people to gain dual nationality and enjoy the benefits of freedom of movement for themselves, their spouses and their children

Our lead lawyer, Elizabeth Rennie is an International EU Citizenship Lawyer and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives with over 20 years of experience. She has a formidable reputation in complex citizenship / nationality applications.

Rennie & Buxton Legal Services manage a worldwide network of legal specialists who are dedicated to procuring your EU citizenship.

Even if you have a complicated history, feel you fall outside of the normal rules for citizenship, don’t have evidence of your ancestry or copies of your documents, get in touch and let us do the work for you.

Dual EU nationality provides you with freedom of movement around all EU countries. This includes the right to live, work, travel, study or retire in most European countries.

It is a gift that can be passed onto your children and grandchildren and which will provide a huge benefit to their lives.

EU Citizenship Services

Reclaim your EU Nationality Rights

With your EU Citizenship you can live, work, study and love in 27 EU countries

Client Success Stories

We are very proud of all our clients’ success stories. It is a great feeling to get Dual Nationality and reclaim your (and your children’s) freedom of movement.

You can see more client successes here.