Maltese Citizenship


How do I get my Maltese Citizenship?

The 2007 amendments to the Maltese Citizenship Act, makes provision for Maltese descendants to acquire Maltese citizenship by registration.

There is also no requirement to reside in order to obtain this right.

A person born outside of Malta who

  1. proves that s/he is a descendant of a parent born in Malta; or
  2. has grandparents born in Malta – in this case the parent must first reinstate their own nationality first.  

There is no requirement to be on the soil.

If the applicant has parents or grandparents who are living who the applicant is descendant from the grandparents must also reinstate the link and then the parent(s).

Maltese Citizenship

Ineligibility for Maltese Citizenship by Registration

Before exploring options for Maltese nationality, it is important provision to know the ineligibility factors.

If the Applicants parent was alive on 1 August 2007 and died AFTER 1 August 2010 without applying for Maltese citizenship, the link will be broken the applicant barred from the right to apply.


If any of the ascendant Parent died before 1st August 2007 or if the parent of the applicant died within three years from this date without applying for citizenship, he or she would still be deemed to have acquired citizenship, safeguarding the right to Maltese Citizenship by Descent. 

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